Intellectual Property Disputes

Protecting Your Future

Your intellectual property can become compromised by an employee, competitor or an online hacker, putting your company’s future at risk.  Alternatively, you may be accused of intellectual property infringement.  At Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin, we prosecute and defend matters related to our clients’ valuable intellectual property, including client lists, manufacturing processes, software and product design.  Throughout the process of gathering evidence, formulating a strategy and seeking resolution, we remain sensitive to your goals and needs.

Our intellectual property practice includes matters involving:

Unfair Competition

Settled claims on behalf of fruit bar (paleta) manufacturers against distributor of ice cream products for unfair competition and violations of federal and state antitrust law related to tying arrangements.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

After one-month jury trial, achieved a verdict in client’s favor and a permanent injunction against a former employee for misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.

Copyright, Trademark & Trade Dress Infringement